Sorbus Hanging Seat Hammock Nest

  • ADORABLE KID’S POD SWING CHAIR – Provides a special personal hang out space for kids – Includes swing chair, inflatable cushion, mounting accessories, and instructions
  • FUN WAY TO RELAX – The hanging hammock chair creates the perfect lounging space and a tranquil ambiance – Kids can read, play, listen to music, daydream, relax, nestle into a cocoon, or stimulate imagination – Encourages motor planning, balance, etc – Supports kids with sensory needs, hyperactivity, and more
  • LARGE HANGING SEAT – Interior cushion provides super comfy ride – Holds up to 175 lbs for a safe place for your child – Extremely relaxing for your child to swing in – Provides superior strength while keeping the pod swing chair in place
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Ideal for indoor or outdoor use – Hangs almost anywhere from suspension point and easy to relocate – Extremely sturdy hammock straps work on almost all trees, posts, swing sets, or ceilings for sturdy hammock suspension – Designed for secure installation with swoop hooks – Can be easily set up and taken down
  • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS – Made of 100% cotton that will not stretch or rip under pressure
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