Mayan Hammocks

Also known as the Hamaca Maya, Mayan hammocks are known worldwide for the level of comfort they provide. They feature a light and sprang woven webbing that cocoons around the body and makes you feel weightless.

Just like the weave of a spider is designed with thin strings that are extremely durable and flexible, the genuine Mayan hammock will hold up to a thousand pounds even though the weave doesn’t look that strong.

The secret stands in the materials used to make the hammocks (natural cotton or nylon) and the unique diamond weave pattern that helps distribute the weight evenly to create one of the most comfortable hammocks in the world.

Our offer includes Mayan hammocks in all sizes (single, double, Queen size, King size) and styles. When it comes to style, our products cover a wide array of colors and patterns, but we also have designs with a sturdier string and a double weave that can be used for sleeping.

A Mayan hammock can be installed in almost any setting as it works on the beach and in the mountains, tied up between two trees. We also have indoor models that can hold two persons at the same time and feature a softer feel (these hammocks use natural cotton). These are also more breathable and can be used for regular sleeping.

If you’re looking for a hammock that will withstand outside conditions (humidity, winds, and temperature variations), we recommend our nylon hammocks. These are a bit sturdier and feel a bit rough, but they are more durable for outdoor use.

Regardless of your needs, as long as you want something that’s durable, comfortable, and easy to install, a Mayan hammock is the best choice. Now, since we offer are so many styles and sizes, we’re also available to help you choose the one that will be perfect for your specific situation.