Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are hammocks with a difference: you can lounge to your heart’s content as you would in a standard hammock, but with the hammock chair, you get to sit as you swing gently in the breeze. Our hammock chairs are perfect for sunny back gardens, terraces and poolsides. They look and feel great in yards, on porches and anywhere else you can hang it!

Whether you want to read a book, work on your tablet or just take in the outside world, a hammock chair makes it possible. Hammock chairs facilitate the most peaceful afternoons underneath trees, encouraging you to immerse yourself in nature. They also look wonderful inside the home and with so many cool designs, you will easily find one that complements the interior.

All of our hammock chairs are of premium quality, incredibly sturdy, carefully made and far more comfortable than an average chair. Your body naturally sinks into the material, which moulds itself to your frame for optimum comfort. A good hammock chair cradles and supports your body entire body, and will come with padded cushions for even more support and comfort.

In terms of design, our range of hammock chairs is second to none. We have chairs in colourful patterns, classic woven net, spun polyester cord chairs, soft, stylish cotton and more. The whole range is versatile and has been designed to please the eye. They come in various shapes and sizes but all are roomy enough for different body shapes and sizes. Whichever you choose, your hammock chair will surely become an asset to your home or outdoor space.

Our hammock chairs are portable and lightweight too, so you can take them on trips with you for convenience and comfort on the move. Relaxing afternoons with a book are more relaxing than ever before once you have a hammock chair in your life. They are very easy to assemble, and also to disassemble should it decide to rain!