Hammock Stands

A hammock stand is the perfect accessory to go with any hammock, for those lazy days on the porch, camping trips or garden parties. We stock a range of hammock stands, all of which are of sturdy construction and very reliable. Every stand has been carefully designed for optimum stability and safety features are incorporated where necessary, so your relaxation and comfort is guaranteed.

One thing you can be sure of is that all frames are of solid construction and they can take a lot of weight – some hold up to 450lbs – so there is no need to worry about your hammock stand collapsing! Your stand will ensure your weight is evenly distributed.

Our hammock stand designs come in various forms and materials and are adjustable to suit your purposes. You can choose from a selection of hammock stands: some are curved frames made from high quality wood, and some are stylish steel frames in different shapes. We stock C-shaped stands, U-shaped stands, and various angular stands. Some are suitable for hammock chairs, and others are designed to hold standard hammocks.

Our hammock stands are weather resistant, and some of the steel ones are coated with heavy-duty powder. You can expect your stand to remain rust and mildew free whatever the weather! When it comes to cleaning the hammock stand, it is a quick and simple process. There is no real maintenance required!

Hammock stands are perfect for many locations and occasions, so whether you want to spend your leisure time chilling out on the balcony, in the courtyard or garden, on the porch, or even in the bedroom or dorm room, they are just what you need.

The frames will accommodate hammocks of different lengths, and all of our hammock stands are easy to assemble, so it won’t be long before you can kick back and relax in your hammock. Where hardware and tools are required for assembly, we provide them.