How To Hang A Hammock Without Trees

Were you ever excited about camping in a hammock only to get to the campsite and find out there are no suitable trees? Or maybe you wanted to relax in a hammock at a beach where there’s no tree in sight.

Regardless, the problem of the missing trees can be quite frustrating when you don’t have a plan B for hanging the hammock.

One way to solve this is with a stand (store-bought or a DIY design). You can find lightweight designs created especially for backpackers, but they may be a bit fragile and the cost is a bit high. Luckily, there are other ways to hang a hammock without trees, and we’ll list the most popular ones below.

Look Out for Poles & Posts

You don’t need actual trees to hang your hammock; just two poles or posts that have enough space in between them!

As such, you can use any two poles (fence posts, telephone poles, porch columns, and so on) as long as they are big and strong enough to support your weight. Even more, some parks add poles specially designed for people who want to relax in a hammock.

The secret is to know how to look for those perfect tree-replacements and you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

Use Personal Vehicles

If you go camping by car and you only find the one tree, you can use a solid spot on your car’s chassis to hang the other end of the hammock. Just make sure to choose a spot where the chassis won’t bend or rip!

The vehicle makes for an ideal second anchor point because you can place it wherever you want. Plus, you’ll have access to anything you’re keeping inside the car (cold beers and food, for instance).

Get Creative with Building Structures

When the situation gets critical and nothing seems to work your way, it’s time to get really creative! Basically, if you’re thinking hard enough, almost any building structure could be used as a support for your hammock.

For instance, a pavilion or a patio is ideal as they all have some sort of poles that you can use as trees. Even more, they also provide you with shelter, which works in your favor.

Furthermore, you can get bolder and try using a rain shelter or the poles of a peer or bridge (if there is enough room under it). As long as you keep your mind open, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a place to hang your hammock!

Quick Solution for At Home Use

If you’re looking for a backyard solution without investing the money and time in a standard stand, you can build a rudimentary one out of two 8 foot-long 4×4 wooden posts and one bag of quick cement (all available at your local hardware store). Also, don’t forget to get two eyelet screws (if you don’t already have them).  

To put everything together, start by digging two holes, 8 feet apart. Each hole should be about two feet deep, so the post can fit inside enough to provide the needed support.

Put a bit of cement at the bottom of each hole, drop the posts inside, and fill around with the rest of the cement. Wait for the cement to harden and screw the eyelets at the top of each pole (facing the inside of the structure).

Quick note: to make sure the system will hold the test of time you may want to use some wood stain on each pole.

Now, you have your very own hammock hanging system that doesn’t need trees!

Wrap Up

The world would be a far better place if we could find two trees, ideally spaced for hanging a hammock, wherever we go. But, since this doesn’t happen, there are ways to solve this problem and relax just as planned – it may take a bit of mental effort, but it is worth it!