A Guide To Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city in every way. Wherever you are in the city, the refreshing sea air brings a smile to most faces as people meander the streets in a leisurely fashion. It’s hard to do things at any other pace, as the Spanish lifestyle is infectious. Barcelona is as diverse as any city … Read more

A Guide To Bali

Bali is actually only one of 17,000 Islands in the Indonesian archipelago. That’s quite a number! Yet Bali stands out from the crowd. The island is growing and changing rapidly, due to the constant influx of global visitors. In recent years it has built new airport, and you can find many more affordable accommodation options, … Read more

A Guide To Berlin

Berlin has a fantastic reputation all around the world. It has such widespread appeal that you will rarely hear anyone saying bad things about it. The city is high-energy, arty and vibrant with a complex and fascinating history. It is always evolving, so if you glance back over the last three decades, it’s practically unrecognisable. … Read more

A Guide To Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most popular cities in Europe. It features on many international visitors’ bucket lists because it has so many things to offer. Although is a busy place, you’ll no doubt feel the palpable tranquillity here. Lisbon was built on seven hills, and flowing through its centre is the river Tagus. It … Read more